Modern life has made a pressure cooker become an indispensable item for most families in the world. However, in a large market, with many different brands from Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnamese, Japan … has made difficult choices consumers get satisfactory products. Especially with the pressure cooker items are priced around $100 software. So, with the basic information about how catchy product selection, as well as daily maintenance will help consumers keep their products are durable and long life.

Consultation of suppliers shows that the first principle for consumers to choose the product quality is to choose the reputable brand. Because these products often manufacturers commitment to quality, as well as after-sales service. Especially, do not choose those too cheap pressure cooker, brand and origin is not clear.

This is because these products often have a very low life expectancy, non-stick coating is not good… According to market research showed that all products are priced at $ 100 is the pressure cooker, only 2 functions cooked rice and keep warm normal “Cook – Warm” and works on the principle school with thermal relay is switched off at temperatures sufficient rice to be cooked and brewed hot. This kind of product consistent with moderate economic families and only needs regular cooking.

Currently on the market there are many products to ensure quality and prestige for many years, consumers can choose which is the Instant Pot Pressure cooker, Fagor, GoWISE, and more are great … However, the fact that the current market there are many cases of counterfeit. So to avoid buying these products so consumers can choose the full product warranty stamp, label side indicate product origin, which produces …

best pressure cooker
Upon finding a reputable brand is something that consumers need to pay attention when looking to buy a best pressure cooker, as the demand for capacity of boiler depends on the number of people in each household. For example: For families who only have 1-3 people, you should choose the type of pot with a capacity of 1000W, the equivalent of 1.2 liters capacity, but for many families over from 5-6 or more, you can buy pot with a capacity of 1.8 liters …

When you buy a pot like that and fit the needs of the family use and the use, storage as well as a pretty important stage. Because if not used properly, the lifespan of the product will rapidly decline. The first thing consumers should note that restrictions directly wash the rice in the pot, because if you do so, it may scratch the coating on the inside, or inadvertent collision distorts pot. As such, the possibility of contact between the pot with heat wheels are not good, leading to uneven ripening rice or susceptible to burning.

With that, prior to the cooking pot, water should dry your attention around the outside to keep a clean pot and heat plate temperature sensor, and avoid hours when heating cooker during operation. Then you put a pot should rotate left or right to cycle through the relay contacts are the bottom of the pot, while the rice cooked more evenly.

Regarding preservation should cooker in a cool place, and dry on the flat surface. Do not use plugs with common household items other than increasing or decreasing voltage can lead to erratic electric fire equipment. After use wash (avoid non-where to hit) and use a soft cloth to clean the pot shell, to avoid falling into the water wheel power. Absolutely no hard objects to use pot for easy cleaning scratching the coating on the inside.